For Sale: 9 Angus Cross, Hereford Cross Stockers

Listing #: 32129938
S Miller
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Gonzales, TX 78629
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Backgrounded stocker/feeder steers, 642# average (29Jun2018 weigh-date)
Born (Oct-Nov17), weaned and backgrounded (May-Jun18) on this ranch.
Polled blacks & reds, mottled-faces and few baldies.

Vaccinated and dewormed pre-weaning and post-weaning: clostridial, respiratory and pink-eye vaccine series are complete for the year and withdrawl times for each dewormer and vaccine are also complete.

Cydectin administered 3 June 2018; Ivomec & castration in February
20/20 Vision 7 (Blackleg/Clostridials and Moraxella vaccine), February and April (both doses of the vaccine series)
Vista Once SQ (BVD, PI3, RSV, Mannheimia and Pasteurella vaccine), 3 June 2018.

Weaned at the end of May, backgrounded 30+ days:
--Grass, Accuration or 1:3 meal, and mineral with Rumensin (Sweetlix).
--Drinking from both trough (municipal water) and pond (natural surface water).
--Home-raised, come to cubes.

• $168/CWT or $1075 per hd for all, July 2018. Terms: Certified Funds, only.
• Call before 9pm CST; No solicitations, contact welcomed from prospective buyers.