For Sale: 78 Angus Plus Cow/Calf Pairs

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Matt Kuchin
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Austin, TX 78756
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**Weights are estimated, Sold by lot** English Cows Complete Cowherd Dispersal This cowherd dispersal from a breeding program which is 30 years old . One brand cow herd. The majority of these cows will be three in ones. Cows have been with Beefmaster bulls for 60 days. Bulls were put in August 15 and taken out October 15. Will begin calving around June 1 2018. Bred to top of the line Beefmaster bulls Bulls which were used all descend from the Foundation herd of the Beefmaster breed. All the cows are Cake trained These cows have spent their lives on native grass pasture. These cows are thrifty. Big calves at side - Calves weigh approximately 300 lbs. These heifer calves will make great replacements. All cows structurally sound and in good flesh. Cattle will be great in all terrain. Sold as pairs. Approximate age breakdown of the cows : 35 - twos, 19 - five and six year olds, 14 - seven and eight year olds, 10 – nine plus years olds.


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For more info, call Alex at 210-872-1117.