For Sale: 7 Brangus Cross, Hereford Cross Stockers

Listing #: 32130917
S. Miller
Phone Number: 
Gonzales, TX 78629
Number of Head: 

Home-raised, backgrounded, 14 head: Steers (7hd @ $7700 for all or $1200 ea for 2 or more of your choice) and/or half-sisters heifers (7hd @ $6650 for all or $1050 ea for 2 or more of your choice). All 14 for $14,000.
550-650# (estimated) early 2018 calves.
Pre-weaning 1st vaccinations & castration, fence-line weaned, dewormed, backgrounded on a little feed and a lot of grass.
Completed vaccines -- clostridials, respiratory viruses, and pinkeye -- for the year*.

Polled Blacks & Reds (13 mottled-faces and few baldies), one dun (heifer).
Polled Hereford sire, Brangus or Charbray-type dams.

Dewormed (Cydectin), Apr & Aug 2018.
*Clostridials/Blackleg & Pinkeye (20/20 Vision 7 vaccine), both doses.
*Respiratory vaccine (Cattlemaster Gold FP - BVD, PI3, RSV vaccine), both doses.
*5-way Lepto vaccine (Cattlemaster Gold FP 5L5 - BVD, PI3, RSV & 5L) for heifers.
Withdrawl times all end by 8Oct2018.

30+ days on grass, 1:5 meal, and mineral with Rumensin (Sweetlix).
Trough (municipal water) and pond (natural surface water) acclimated.
Gentle and come to range cubes.