For Sale: 5 Holstein, Jersey, Shorthorn Cows

Listing #: 32123815
Alan Neptune
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Pyatt, AR 72672
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Nurse Cows and Milk Cows available.
Mostly Jerseys, some cross breds, occasional Swiss, Shorthorn, Guernsey, and Holstein. Usual price range is $1200-$1800. Ages 2-5yrs old. Some cows are milk cows, some are nurse cows, and some will do both. We do our best to match the cow with her favorite occupation. If there is a major flaw or defect, it will be pointed out and the cow priced accordingly. They're halter-broke and trained to electric fencing. These cows are also used to small children and the usual array of farmyard animals.
Below are some photos of some of our cows.
Willing to sell 1-10hd at a time.
Cash only. Receipt available upon request.
Harrison, Ar