For Sale: 5 Dexter Bred Heifers

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Karl Erickson
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Lakeland , FL 33809
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I am selling my herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. They are a total of 5 as of now with 2 pregnant heifers, 1 mother and calf and one bull. My cows are very friendly and well trained for milking. The 3 heifers each produce one calf per year. The meat tastes excellent and is graded as being in the top three along with Angus and Kobe, the milk is also very good and can be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. The calf is auburn in color and those go for $2000 alone. This would be great for someone interested in starting their own herd. I am asking $4500 which is cheaper than I can get for meat prices because I want them to go as a herd.

These cattle are perfect for small scale farming.