For Sale: 40 Murray Grey, Piedmontese Cows

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dennis young
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somerset ohio, OH 43783-9613
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I am selling 40 head of holstein and holsteinX norwegian red cows. This herd has been intensive grazed for 20 years. Winters are free stall and tmr. The herd has been selected for for calving ease for 40 years The majority of the herd is first and second calf and bred to freshen in the spring. November averages were 3.87 bf, 3.26 cp ,and 55000 scc. they are producing 40 to 45 # per cow. I am asking $1200 ea for the cows and if they sell I will be selling 25 bred heifers before they start calving in march. prices are not fixed but I want to sell them as groups.