For Sale: 30 Jersey Cows

Listing #: 32128273
Thomas White
Phone Number: 
417-252-1553 or 417-252-1073
Willow Springs, MO 65793
Number of Head: 

***Important!!! Our breed of cattle is BROWN SWISS. As Brown Swiss was not listed in the selection of breeds to choose from I listed them under Jersey cattle. These Brown Swiss have been our lively hood for close to 50 years. We purchased our start of Brown Swiss in the state of Oregon. We moved back home to Missouri in 1973 and brought the cattle with us by train. We use to do a lot of showing cattle when our boys were in school, but time gets away and it seems it is time to say goodbye to them. These are registered cattle, but I have not kept the papers up the last few years as my eye sight has about left me. If anyone is interested in this herd, please give us a call to discuss the purchase.

Thank you,
Tom and Sue White
Willow Springs, MO