For Sale: 30 Angus, Gelbvieh Open Heifers

Listing #: 32131591
Glen Doddridge
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Kirk, CO 80824
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Fancy black angus/gelbvieh cross OPEN heifers. Breed these heifers the way you want. OPEN heifers weigh 600-725 lbs; Guaranteed OPEN. These large framed ladies will be +20 to +28 milk producers, have excellent dispositions and are very maternal. OPEN heifers are sired out of bulls from MARCY’S FREIGHTLINER 879, MARCY’S 09 SLEDGEHAMMER 103-9, ONEILLS RENOVATION, SA UPWARD 400, TAU MR GRIDIORN TOPPER 43T, and POST ROCK GRANITE 200P2 bulls. OPEN heifers have been on grass pasture from spring through early fall; sorghum and alfalfa hay with corn mixture throughout weaning, plus protein tubs. Spring and fall vaccinations (Vision 7 and Visa Once SQ). Will be weaned at least 30 days before buyer takes possession. Willing to sell lots of 5 to 30 head. These large framed ladies are the replacement heifers you want for future herd growth, with little to no worry about calving ease. Call to inquire at (970)362-4521. Eastern Colorado.