For Sale: 24 Angus, Angus Cross Stockers

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Ashley Dunn
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Weatherford , TX 76085
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This is a very uniform set of steers, out of a very nice set of Angus and F1 Black Baldie Cows by Hales Big Ribeye bulls.

Average Weight 577lbs

DOB January/February 2017

May 2017 - Vaccinated Covexion 8, Bovishield Gold 5, Dewormed Safeguard, Castrated by banding

October 7,2017 Vaccinated Bovishield Gold 5, Ivermectin Pour On, Multi-Mineral, weaned

They were weighed on trailer in the morning 10/14/17.

They are currently on grower feed "stocker 10" and pasture.

Price is $950.00/head