For Sale: 20 Piedmontese Open Heifers

Listing #: 32128302
Jerry Klatt
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Culver, OR 97734
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We have some coming 2 year old heifers and several 2017 heifer calves for sale. This are mostly 50% or better Piedmontese breeding, with the outcrosses being Angus (black and red). Also some fullblood (purebred) breeding stock available. The Piedmontese cross well with other breeds, both beef and dairy. We started raising cattle in 1976 and have been using Piedmontese bulls since 1997. The crosses have been excellent and we have had a steady customer base for our locker beef. Yearling crossbred heifers priced at $1200 and coming 2 year olds priced at $1600. Breeding stock starting at $2000.