For Sale: 2 Wagyu Cows

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Marshall Johnson
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Rocky comfort , MO 64861
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2 100% full blood Japanese black Wagyu cows!!

Both cows have produced multiple successful embryo flushes. They are registered with the American Wagyu association. One is confirmed bred MS Kitaguni 100 FB11040 which is a Kitaguni Jr granddaughter. He is proven to produce great carcasses with high marbling potential she is confirmed bred calving April/May. L7 MS Futsuro FB10274 which has been exposed to a full blood Wagyu bull is another great full blood cow that has produced 24 high grade embryos in last two flushes. She has a great pedigree with the Number 1 marbling sire Fukutusuru 068 as her grandsire .. as well as Sanjirou and Haruki 2 in her pedigree.

If you are looking for great full blood Wagyu breeding stock that have flushed well these cows are in great shape and ready for you !!