For Sale: 2 Brangus Cows

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Cole Cranford
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Arab, AL 35016
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I have two cows, one was breed last year and had a great calf and the other is a little younger so she didn't take, both exposed to a black angus bull. They are coming up on 3yrs old and have a great temperment. If you shake a feed bag in front of them they come like puppies. I hate to get rid of them but I'm in college and they are 3 hours away back home in North Central Alabama. I'll be taking them to the vet and getting them reworked and getting them preg-checked around December 19th or so I can let you know for sure. I'm asking $4,500 for the pair, $2,500 for your pick, I'd be willing to discuss a price. there are pictures of all 3. the calf is a first ever calf. They are bred to calve in the spring (mid-January to late February).