For Sale: 180 Angus Cross Cows

Listing #: 32128346
Jared Hardin
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Sutherland, NE 69165
Number of Head: 

For sale 180 head of cattle. Coming 2nd calvers through broken mouth. Majority of these cattle are home raised. Calving dates are beginning May 1st 2018, through June 30th 2018. They have been on a complete vaccination and mineral program.
They were preg-checked in December, vaccinated with Vira-Shield 4, wormed with Safe guard, and poured with Clean Up II. Currently running out on cornstalks and mineral. This herd has been strictly culled, every cow raised a calf. Bad udders and poor temperament cows were not tolerated. They are bred to black angus bulls, with a focus on feed efficiency, moderate size, calving ease, and maternal characteristics. These cows are the kind that go out and work for you. They are never locked up and can easily go out and graze, breed, and bring home a good calf and weaning time. Thanks for looking.