For Sale: 1 Longhorn Open Heifers

Listing #: 32128279
Jade Sanders
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Pana, IL 62557
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I have a year and a half old Longhorn heifer for sale do to no fault of hers. I recently bought out a friend and I got her along with another heifer I bought but I already have 2 full sisters to her so I don't need her too. Momma is a red/white JP Rio Grand granddaughter, Daddy is black and white WS Rio Jordan, a Hidalgo Chex sun. Daughters of his are throwing black and white calves. She has good strait horns but has broken off about 4 inches on the left one. Comes from good milkers and good mommas on both sides. Her pedigree alone means she will out produce herself with body and good horns. DOB:4\16. She is open right now. I don't breed my heifers until they are 2 because my bull is + 2,000 lb $1200 OBO I have other pictures of her, her papers and her sire and dams papers. You can send me a message at if you would like to see them.