“You all are the real deal”. “Nothing like it.” “High visibility”.

PHILIP WILSON - - - Danielsville, GEORGIA
“It’s 3 times better than that other site with pictures”. “A lot of cattle in each class to search through.”

Nebraska cattleman - - - “You guys got something there that is special. I know my cattle are on there, and I round it real easy to see other cattle here in Nebraska.”

Georgia cattleman - - - “It’s unbelievable: there’s nothing else out there working for the cowman like this.”

Kansas cattleman - - - “Cattle-Exchange has more cattle in one place, at one time, on any given day or week, than anywhere in the U.S.”

Facebook user - - - “Thanks Cattle-Exchange for hooking me up with the cattle seller. I picked up what appears to be a great large herd at a reasonable price today.”

Bill Dix from Iowa - - - “I would not have found the replacement females I was looking for had it not been for Cattle-Exchange.”

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